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DinoGear T-Rex Backpack Rucksack

DinoGear T-Rex Backpack

Dinosoles' T-Rex Backpacks have a fantastic looking T-Rex image on the back!

Dinosaur Feet zip pulls to close the back pocket and with a Rubber Dino Patch, kids that are into T-Rex Dinosaurs will love this rucksack!

These are really well made school rucksacks! Let the dinosaurs roam the earth again!

DinoGear T-Rex Backpack/Rucksack Featuring:

  • 3D T-Rex Dinosaur Graphic
  • Faux Leather
  • Dinosaur Feet Zip Pulls
  • Rubber Dinosaur Patch
  • Dinogear Embroidery
Dinosoles Shoes

Dinosoles Shoes

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