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What is the X10 Dinosaur Trainer all about?
The Dinosoles “X10” series truly integrates a dinosaur toy into the design of the shoe. This range features a 3D full dinosaur image on the lateral side and a 3D dinosaur eye on the medial side of the shoe. The dinosaur tread bottom is prominent as are the Velcro ties. There are also three styles to choose from in the “X10” series, showcasing the Stegosaurus, T-Rex and Double Eye.
What is the DinoRama (DR) Dinosole trainers all about?
The “DinoRama” has a 360° wrap-print around the entire shoe featuring a dinosaur, its eye, its teeth and of course a footprint sole. There are three different styles to choose from and are available in toddler sizes and the children's sizes have Velcro fastenings for easy in and out when running, jumping and trampling like any good dinosaur!
Why do kids like Dinosoles?
Dinosoles inspire kids’ imagination, while giving them a sense of power. As one of the favorite topics in schools, dinosaurs worldwide and timeless appeal that will always be there. Dinosoles are fun, cute and a favourite of children everywhere!
Who came up with the Dinosoles concept?
Chris Morris is he founder of Dinosoles, in the USA. The first shoe to combine a toy dinosaur, a childrens shoe and of course have the legendary dino footprint in the sole!


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